The Mysterious Ailments of Arowana Fish: Understanding Arowana Fish Diseases

The Mysterious Ailments of Arowana Fish: Understanding Arowana Fish Diseases

Arowana Fish Disease


Arowana fish, also known as dragon fish, are highly valued for their ornamental beauty and majestic appearance. They are considered lucky or good fortune bringers in Asian cultures and are a popular choice for aquarium hobbyists. However, despite their popularity, Arowana fish are prone to various diseases that can seriously affect their health and well-being. Understanding Arowana Fish Disease is essential to ensure the longevity and well-being of your pet fish.

Common Arowana Fish Diseases Arowana fish are susceptible to a range of illnesses, some of which are discussed below:

Swim Bladder Disease

Swim bladder disease is a common ailment in Arowana fish. It occurs when the swim bladder, a gas-filled organ that helps the fish maintain balance, becomes inflamed or damaged. This can lead to difficulty in swimming and floating, and in severe cases, it can even cause the fish to sink to the bottom of the tank. Symptoms of swim bladder disease include a bloated abdomen, swimming in an abnormal position, and an increased appetite.

Arowana Swim bladder disease
Arowana Swim bladder disease


Dropsy is another common disease that affects Arowana fish. It is characterized by an accumulation of fluid in the fish's abdomen, which leads to a bloated appearance. This disease can be caused by a number of factors, including poor water quality, bacterial infections, and parasites. Symptoms of dropsy include a bloated belly, sunken eyes, and a loss of appetite.

Arowana Dropsy disease
Arowana Dropsy disease

Skin and Gill Diseases

Skin and gill diseases in Arowana fish are often caused by poor water quality, stress, or the presence of parasites. Symptoms include cloudy gills, holes in the skin, and red streaks on the body. If left untreated, skin and gill diseases can be fatal to Arowana fish.

Arowana Skin and Gill Diseases
Arowana Skin and Gill Diseases

Fungal Infections

Fungal infections in Arowana fish are caused by a variety of fungi, including Saprolegnia and Achlya. These infections can cause skin lesions, cloudy eyes, and a loss of appetite. Fungal infections are often difficult to treat and can be fatal to Arowana fish if left untreated.

 Arowana Fungal Infections
Arowana Fungal Infections

Preventing Arowana Fish Disease

The best way to prevent Arowana fish disease is to maintain good water quality, provide proper nutrition, and minimize stress. Here are some tips for keeping your Arowana fish healthy:

  • Regularly clean and change the water in your aquarium
  • Provide a balanced and varied diet for your Arowana fish
  • Avoid overfeeding your fish
  • Keep the water temperature and pH levels stable
  • Minimize stress by avoiding overcrowding in the aquarium
  • Monitor your fish regularly for signs of illness and seek veterinary treatment if necessary.

FAQs on Arowana Fish Disease

Q: Can Arowana fish recover from swim bladder disease?

A: Yes, Arowana fish can recover from swim bladder disease, but it may take some time. In some cases, surgery may be necessary to correct the swim bladder.

Q: How can I prevent fungal infections in Arowana fish?

A: You can prevent fungal infections in Arowana fish by maintaining good water quality and avoiding overcrowding in the aquarium. You can also treat any existing infections with antifungal medications

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